Threat from Artificial Intelligence not just Hollywood fantasy

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From the dystopian writings of Aldous Huxley and HG Wells to the sinister and apocalyptic vision of modern Hollywood blockbusters, the rise of the machines has long terrified mankind.

But it now seems that the brave new world of science-fiction could become all too real.

An Oxford academic is warning that humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all, even when specifically instructed not to harm people.

Dr Stuart Armstrong, of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, has predicted a future where machines run by artificial intelligence become so indispensable in human lives they eventually make us redundant and take over.

And he says his alarming vision could happen as soon as the next few decades.

Dr Armstrong said: “Humans steer the future not because we’re the strongest or the fastest, but because we’re the smartest.

“When machines become smarter than humans, we’ll be handing them the steering wheel.”

He spoke as films and TV dramas such as Channel 4’s Humans and Ex-Machina, – which both explore the blurred lines between man and robot – have once again tapped into man’s fear of creating a machine that will eventually come to dominate him.



The Language of the Larger Consciousness System, Tom Campbell


Reality is bigger than this physical world.

Tom Campbell, Marla Frees, and Laurie Huston discuss interpreting and communicating in the Larger Consciousness System.

We are all a part of this system, and we are connected to it, hence the phrase “We are all one.”
This idea is addressed from the science viewpoint of Tom’s My Big TOE. (Big Theory of Everything)
Tom’s MBT theory models reality as a virtual reality.

The concept of virtual reality is quickly gaining acceptance in the science community. Recently, one of John Wheeler’s (physicist) suggested experiments was carried out by physicists at Australian National University.

The result of the experiment concluded that this reality we live in is a virtual reality.

Tom has proposed this concept in his MBT theory giving it the identity R=I. Reality = Information.
His books, a trilogy, were published in 2003.

Part of Tom’s work as a physicist for NASA was risk analysis for Large Complex Systems. His work as a Consciousness explorer, which began at what is now The Monroe Institute, allowed him to experiment in the Larger Consciousness System. His unique abilities lead him to his My Big TOE theory.

Marla Frees and Laurie Huston work with the language of the LCS every day, and Tom’s viewpoint of their gifts places their abilities in a scientific framework, which has been very helpful to both of them.

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IBM, Airlight Solar Concentrator 80% Efficient

ibm, airlight solar consentrator

A common flat panel photovoltaic solar system, like you might find on a rooftop, has a conversion efficiency rating of 15% to 20%. Typically, CPVs magnify the Sun’s radiation about 500 times; the IBM/Airlight CPV system magnifies radiation 2,000 times to achieve an 80% efficiency rating.

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Meteor over Virginia, Eastern States 9/14

Meteor over Virginia, Eastern States 9/15

The American Meteor Society said on Monday that the Sunday night sky was brightened up across a dozen eastern states by a blazing meteor.

According to society spokesman Mike Hankey, the meteor made its way right through the earth’s atmosphere over central Pennsylvania late Sunday and set up a brilliant show for sky gazers from Virginia to Massachusetts. More than 230 sighting reports were received by the American Meteor Society and majority of them came from the Washington region.

via Maine News Online

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Solar Flare – Geomagnetic Storm from Maine

As predicted, a pair of CMEs hit Earth’s magnetic field in quick succession on Sept. 11th and 12th. The result was a G3-class geomagnetic storm, the most intense of the year so far. At the peak of the storm on Sept 12-13, bright auroras ringed the Arctic Circle and spilled down over several northern-tier US states. The sky over Maine exploded in a rainbow of colors:

“I took the picture from Casco, Maine, facing north towards the Presidential Range in New Hampshire,” says photographer John Stetson. “Red, purple, green, blue–all the colors were there!”


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Record Greenhouse Gas Levels Impact Atmosphere and Oceans

“The inclusion of a section on ocean acidification in this issue of WMO’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin is appropriate and needed. It is high time the ocean, as the primary driver of the planet’s climate and attenuator of climate change, becomesa central part of climate change discussions,” said Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

“If global warming is not a strong enough reason to cut CO2 emissions, ocean acidification should be, since its effects are already being felt and will increase for many decades to come. I echo WMO Secretary General Jarraud’s concern – we ARE running out of time,” she said.

via World Meteoroligical Organization

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Meteorite Hits Nicaragua, Leaving Crater But No Injuries

A wire report from AFP says that an explosion heard in Managua last night, and a 40-foot crater evident today, are evidence that the city was the impact site for a small meteorite that struck Saturday night. The photos are not very exciting at a glance, which is a good thing, considering that a dirt crater and no injuries is probably the best outcome if a meteorite strikes the city where you live. From the article: The meteorite appeared to have hurtled into a wooded area near the airport around midnight Saturday, its thunderous impact felt across the capital. The hit was so large that it registered on the instruments Strauss’ organization uses to size up earthquakes. “You can see two waves: first, a small seismic wave when the meteorite hit Earth, and then another stronger one, which is the impact of the sound,” he said. Government officials and experts visited the impact site on Sunday. One of them, William Martínez, said it was not yet clear if the meteorite burned up completely or if it had been blasted into the soil. “You can see mirror-like spots on the sides of the crater from where the meteorite power-scraped the walls,” Martínez said. (The same news, in slightly shorter form, from the AP.)

Read more via AP link to the Omaha News post.

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The Metaphysics of World Collapse via Waking Times

Flickr - Burning Dollar - Mike Poresky

Thanks for the reminder from Guenon, nice article.

Our sole refuge is a higher consciousness and to individually reconnect with the God essence that dwells within All. Nothing ever dies and as the Bhagavad Gita tells us, ‘The Wise do not grieve.’ Rene Guenon would not have been surprised to witness our current predicament. Guenon offers us one last profound comfort in the final sentence of his brilliant ‘The Reign of Quantity’: “…it can be said in all truth that the ‘end of a world’ never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion.”

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3D Printed Homes, demo photos

Much more of this coming. I actually would love to decorate one of these things.


A Shanghai building company has erected a small village of pitched-roof, 3-D printed structures—in about a day. WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co is behind the series of humble buildings, which each cost less than $5,000 each. The homes were created through the use of a 490- by 33- by 20-foot 3-D printer that fabricates the basic components required for assembly.

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Molly’s Astrology for March 2014


[Photo from Pique Magaine]

Some projects slow down, and others come to a screeching halt as Mars begins to appear to move backwards on March 1, initiating an 80-day process of review and reinforcement, developing and reworking ideas. […]

Career planet Saturn also begins moving backward on March 2. Saturn governs business, work, and responsibilities, both public and private. Our ideas are put to the test. The energy plays out on a more internal and emotional level when a planet is retrograde, and Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, a deeply emotional sign associated with matters of life and death, with karma. Scorpio deals with our evolution, and Saturn is about cause and effect. We have the choice to untie those karmic knots or pull them tighter.

Day by Day

A new Lunar cycle begins on March 1 with a New Moon in psychic, sensitive, spacey, and spiritual Pisces. Luna connects with Jupiter, signaling a burst of inspiration, expansive thinking, visionary ideas, and good luck. Review the note on Lunar magic on page 6. To read more about taking advantage of the power of the New Moon, check out Jan Spiller’s book New Moon Astrology.

A social/relationship cycle ends with some stress as Venus tangles with retrograde Mars on March 2. We find solutions and achieve closure as the Sun touches Chiron and Pluto on March 3. Friendly new energy re-energizes the social scene as Venus enters Aquarius on March 5.


Astro-Nerd Note: Saturn’s reach

Do you ever wonder what those numbers next to the planets in an astrological chart mean? Astrologers break up each sign into 30 degrees and number them 00 through 29. Saturn changes direction at 23 Scorpio. Saturn backs up into 22, 21, 20 and so on, until he reaches 16 in July and changes direction again.

If you have your birth chart (get it at, look for planets between 16 and 23 degrees of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Saturn hits those in a stressful way. Expect challenge in the areas ruled by that planet. If you see planets between 16 and 23 of Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, the retrograde opens doors and allows for ease and faster progress in your work.

Via: Molly’s Astrology


Grains to Galleries: Heatherwick design converts South African silos into a cathedral for art


A monolithic cluster of concrete silos on the Cape Town waterfront is the subject of a dramatic surgical intervention. The industrial relic will be transformed by Thomas Heatherwick into an art museum planned for the city’s V&A Waterfront. The project entails the conversion of the grain silo complex into a new space to house and display the Jochen Zeitz Collection, an assortment of art that will act as the foundation for Zeitz MOCAA a non-profit institution dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora.

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Don’t Become Darkness When Fighting the Dark Side

For those who are more awake to the situation humanity finds itself in, seeing dark global agendas stream rolling over goodness, truth, and freedom throughout the world is more than enough to make anyone feel angry, negative, and even enraged. We as a humanity, along with all our rights, are under attack and the most common response to being attacked is either through anger and aggression, or fear and retreat—which is based on a raw animalistic fight or flight reaction.

Yet there is a third and higher way of responding—one in which we are still able to stand and defend ourselves against darkness, but instead do so from a place of inner peace and love. At its core it is not an animalistic response, but a spiritual one that comes from consciousness within. It has been taught since ancient times and even the Jedi knights of the Star Wars movie series used it. It requires an inner discipline and gives access to the intelligence and power of love, something crucial to defeating the attacks from darkness.


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Freelance Freedom #343

I can relate.

I can relate.

Freelance Freedom by N.C. Winters is a webcomic about one man trying to make it as a freelancer.

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Preparation for Jesus (Part 2)

Thumbnail for 1712

The story of the preparation for the birth of Jesus as told in the Edgar Cayce Readings provides some amazing details to the life of Mary and Joseph and their selection as the parents of Jesus. Edgar Cayce spoke about the Essenes, a spiritual community whose presence has since been confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered after Mr. Cayce’s death. Here are some excerpts about the marriage of Mary and Joseph:

Q) In what manner was Joseph informed of his part in the birth of Jesus?
A) First by Mathias or Judah. Then as this did not coincide with his own feelings, first in a dream and then the direct voice.

And whenever the voice, this always is accompanied with odors as well as lights; and oft the description of the lights is the vision, see?

Q) Why was he disturbed when Mary became with child while yet a virgin?
A) Owing to his natural surroundings and because of his advanced age to that of the virgin when she was given; or as would be termed in the present, because of what people say. Yet when assured, you see, that this was the divine, not only by his brethren but by the voice and by those experiences, he knew. For you see there was from the time of the first promise, while she was still yet in training from the choice, there was a period of some three to four years; yet when he went to claim her as the bride, at the period of—or between sixteen and seventeen, she was found with child.

Q) How old was Joseph at the time of the marriage?
A) Thirty-six.

Q) How old was Mary at the time of the marriage?
A) Sixteen…

Q) Where was the wedding performed? of Mary and Joseph?
A) In the temple there at Carmel.

Edgar Cayce Reading 5749-8

Q) Please describe the Essene wedding, in temple, of Mary and Joseph, giving the form of ceremony and customs at that time.
A) This followed very closely the form outlined in Ruth. It was not in any way a supplanting but a cherishing of the sincerity of purpose in the activities of individuals.

When there was to be the association, or the wedding of Joseph and Mary—Mary having been chosen as the channel by the activities indicated upon the stair, by the hovering of the angel, the enunciation to Anna and to Judy [1472] and to the rest of those in charge of the preparations at that time—then there was to be sought out the nearer of kin, though not kin in the blood relationships. Thus the lot fell upon Joseph, though he was a much older man compared to the age ordinarily attributed to Mary in the period. Thus there followed the regular ritual in the temple. For, remember, the Jews were not refrained from following their rituals. Those of the other groups, as the Egyptians or the Parthians, were not refrained from following the customs to which they had been trained; which were not carried on in the Jewish temple but rather in the general meeting place of the Essenes as a body-organization.

Edgar Cayce Reading 254-109

Q) Where did the couple live during the pregnancy?
A) Mary spent the most of the time in the hills of Judea, portion of the time with Joseph in Nazareth. From there they went to Bethlehem to be taxed, or to register—as ye would term…

Q) Do we celebrate Christmas at approximately the right time?
A) Not a great variation, for there having been the many changes in the accounting of time, or accounting for the periods from the various times when time is counted—not far wrong—twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth of December, as ye have your time now.

Edgar Cayce Reading 5749-8

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Continuum Physics Launches Map of Reality

The Map of Reality

Continuum Physics, a privately held consultancy dedicated to the advancement of the science of continuum physics and the role and impact of time in human experience, today announced the launch of The Map of Reality website. The site is the first public information platform outlining the principles of Continuum Physics, which assert that time plays a central role in structuring human identities, influencing actions and guiding the course of human events. The site offers insights on the laws of physics that relate to time and how they shape and support all areas of human endeavor including achieving personal and business goals, understanding relationships, creating art and assessing human events on a global scale.

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In mining, we trust.

Thumbnail for 1808

In mining we trust.

On the side of the US $1 bill it says “In God, we trust”. Because money is all about trust. Trust that it’s real, trust that it will remain at a similar value for the duration of the transaction at least, trust that the products are represented honestly. In the past trust that the paper was redeemable in gold, and more recently trust that our dollar will be backed by the “full faith and credit of the US Government”.

And when that trust is lacking society shuts down. To some extent, the crisis of 2008, in the same manner as the one in 1929 was about the lack of trust. They called it “counter party risk”, but it basically means: “Do I trust that the other side of the contract will be honored when the time comes?” When there is not trust, markets freeze.

And let’s be honest, our trust in government, in markets, in society as general has been shaken over the last few years.

Via: Bitcoin Magazine

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Bizarre magnetic particle revealed in ultra-cold lab experiment

Bizarre magnetic behavior that was predicted by a famous physicist more than 80 years ago has finally been demonstrated in the lab, according to a new study.

The behavior of an electron in response to a magnetic monopole, or a solitary magnet with just a north pole, has been demonstrated in an ultra-cold material that mimics a natural magnetic system. And the monopole and electron system behaves just as English physicist Paul Dirac predicted it would in 1931.

Though the new experiment, described today (Jan. 29) in the journal Nature, doesn’t prove that such monopoles exist outside the lab in other magnetic systems, it could help physicists know what to look for in nature, said study co-author David Hall, a physicist at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Via: Signs of the Times


Evolutionary Spirituality and the Edgar Cayce Work

Edgar Cayce dreams

As the New Age movement picked up momentum during the last decades of the 20th century, Edgar Cayce began sounding pretty stodgy to many people. Seek a life of service; root out tendencies toward selfishness in your patterns of thought and behavior; attend to your body’s health with careful nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle choices; set an ideal that you can live by as you go about your normal life activities; form intentional groups to bolster your resolve and follow through; make a difference in your world; pray; meditate—none of these had quite the wow factor that seemed to fuel popular New Age culture. What about experiences in altered states of consciousness? What about great psychic attainments? What about contact with entities on higher planes? What about the power of stones and crystals? While the Cayce readings address all of these things and more with great depth and considerable sophistication, they were often branded as beginners’ material simply because they do not emphasize the phenomenal aspect of the spiritual path.

If we take the time to look, we will find that the Cayce material is at the cutting edge of some of the most important developments on the contemporary spiritual scene. For, even as the popular explosion of New Age interest in the late 20th century was drawing increasing criticism for its tendency toward somewhat narcissistic and magical thinking, other influences were growing up alongside it. Influences that took the best of the burgeoning spiritual awakening and wedded it to science, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Influences that have now come together to form an expansive and promising spirituality for the 21st century that is both “integral” and “evolutionary” in the way it draws upon diverse sources of knowledge and wisdom in order to engage creatively with an evolving cosmos, world, and human psyche—a new New Age that is all grown up in comparison to its late 20th-century counterpart. And it turns out the Cayce work was there all along.

Like integralism, the “evolutionary” approach to spirituality promises to reshape the way we think about our place in this world. To appreciate its impact, it is important to recognize that evolutionary spirituality goes beyond the age-old concept of soul evolution, which casts the earth as the place where we come to learn lessons, grow, and work through our karma. From this perspective, the earth plane is often at best little more than the schoolhouse of the soul and at worst the prison of illusion that we seek to escape at the earliest possible time.

By contrast, from the evolutionary perspective, the opportunity of incarnation has as much to do with the evolution of the cosmos as it does our own development. And most evolutionary thinkers point to human consciousness as the current frontier of evolution as it manifests here on earth. The Divine Source from which we arise has an irrepressible drive to create, and we are on the advancing edge of ongoing creation. Our primary role is that of co-creator and the theater of our creative operation is here, in this three-dimensional world of form.

via Edgar Cayce Blog

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A Collective Shift In Which Direction? December 21, 2012 – Part I

Everything is plugged in! In a relatively short timeframe, our global society has become a vast network of information movers, like a giant brain network, processing and sharing data with our counterparts within this greater body of humanity. It’s no wonder our collective paradigm is shifting and it’s no wonder the deepest patterns of our subconscious/archetypal makeup – understood as ancient mystery teachings and prophecies, tales of power and spiritual allegories, epic adventure stories and legends of old – have emerged in the forefront of our consciousness, becoming compelling topics of interest.


Could it be that the ubiquitous presence of End-Times motifs throughout history and their uncanny similarities is actually the product of a greater archetypical platform for human existence – a kind of Matrix, if you will? What do I mean? Allow me to rephrase: Could it be that End-Times motifs are as innate to existing at a certain level of consciousness as our inbuilt ontology and self-awareness, our deep-seated psychological associations with our mother, our hardwired preoccupation with survival, with conflict, with love, with sex? Could it be that End-Times prophecies are not a product of human thinking, but that human thinking is a product of an archetypical construct embedded in the very structure of our existence — a kind of cosmological “dilemma” seeking its own salvation and resurrection? Could it be that just like leaves fall from the tree in Autumn to become fertile soil for Spring buds, just as we live and die to change form and live again, just as each moment is the birth of the Now and the death of the past, socould it be that the larger governing systems of our Universe also enjoy cyclic renewal? And could it be that we are, collectively, aware of this? I and countless others through history have cause to propose that this is indeed the case.

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‘Gravity Waves’ in Venus clouds spotted by spacecraft

A study of gravity waves in the atmosphere of Venus found four types of waves: long (top left), medium (top center), short (top right) and irregular (bottom row). Identified in images obtained with the Venus Monitoring Camera aboard Venus Express

A European spacecraft circling Venus has captured high-resolution images of strange waves in the clouds whirring above Earth’s nearest neighbor. These ripples could help scientists understand how Venus’ hellish surface shapes its atmosphere.

On Venus, mountains and volcanoes rise above vast lava plains and temperatures are hot enough to melt lead. But this hostile landscape is largely obscured by the planet’s dense, toxic atmosphere with clouds blown by winds up to 186 to 248 mph (300 to 400 km/h).

Source: Space Via: Signs of the Times

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10 Native American Environmental Victories and Triumphs of 2013

Flickr - Salmon - mypubliclands

With all the talk of rising temperatures, acidifying oceans and melting polar ice, it is hard to see the healthy trees for the forest, as it were. Yes, the emerald ash borer and the mountain pine beetle are making inroads, and yes, extreme weather is becoming the norm. But it’s important, too, to note the environmental triumphs and victories that tribes either helped engineer or benefited from, or both.

Native peoples reintroduced fading species, restored habitats and stopped big industry in its tracks. They drew attention to these causes and showed how they unify Indigenous Peoples and European descendants alike.

Several species began coming back, many of them thanks to the efforts of tribal programs. Northwest tribes were pleased to see a record return of Chinook salmon to the Columbia River. A healthy wolf population flourished in Yellowstone National Park, strengthening the wildlife web around it. Here are some of the more notable wins, and the tribes involved in making them happen.

Via: Waking Times

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January First Fridays Guide

Thumbnail for 1704

Artwork: “Yangon Burma” by Judy McLeod on display at Angelo.

First Fridays is a monthly art event featuring exhibit openings at many Downtown art galleries and additional exhibition venues. Several spaces offer receptions. Listings are compiled in collaboration with C-VILLE Weekly.

Angelo 220 E. Main St. “Maps of an Azure Odyssey” by Judy McLeod. 5:00-7:30pm.

BON 100 W South St. First Fridays After Party with music by Money Cannot Be Eaten and Ears to the Ground Family. 8:30pm.

The Bridge PAI 209 Monticello Rd. “SURPRISE,” an exhibit of sculptures and corresponding prints by various artists. 5:00-9:00pm.

Chroma Projects 418 E. Main St. “Molt,” the final show for Chroma Projects at its gallery space, in the Front and Passage Galleries with “Song of the Cicadas,” a film by Richard Knox Robinson, in the Black Box Gallery. 5:30-7:30pm.

The Garage 250 First St. N. “Being in Love,” new paintings by J. Joy Meyer. 5:30-7:30pm.

McGuffey Art Center 201 Second St. NW. “Abstract Visions” by Margaret Embree in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery; New Members’ Show in Lower and Upper Hall Galleries. 5:30-7:30pm.

New Dominion Book Shop 404 East Main St. New works by watercolor artist Blake Hurt. 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Second Street Gallery 115 Second St. SE. “When You Were Here Before” by Julian Forrest in the Main Gallery and “Still Waters Run Deep” by Genesis Chapman in the Dove Gallery. 5:00-7:30pm.

WriterHouse 508 Dale Ave. “Images From Within” by Lee Alter and her students. 5:30-7:30pm.

WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery 216 W. Water St. “Big Big Surprise,” collage and drawings by Mara Sprafkin. 5:00-7:00pm.


CitySpace 100 Fifth St. NE. An exhibit about “Create Charlottesville: A Cultural Plan for Charlottesville/Albemarle.”

Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia 155 Rugby Rd. A retrospective of paintings by Emilie Charmy.

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection 400 Worrell Dr. “having-been-there” by Nici Cumpston.

Telegraph 110 4th St NE. “Face Value,” an exhibit of portraits by various artists.

Warm Springs Gallery 105 Third St. NE. “Small Works for the Holidays,” a group show.

Via: Piedmont Council of the Arts

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Dominion Uses Russian Nukes to power Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Dominion Resources’ four nuclear power stations are burning uranium fuel once used in Russian nuclear warheads.

Dominion Resources says its North Anna and Surry power stations in Virginia, along with stations in Wisconsin and Connecticut, are using the equivalent of 429 Russian weapons of mass destruction.

Dominion Resources chief nuclear officer David Heacock tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch the company is pleased it had a significant role in reducing excess stocks of nuclear warheads that were developed during the Cold War.

Dominion Resources has used up all the fuel it bought under the commercially financed program.

Via: Newsplex

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The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World

Great research. Love the images and thoughtful compilation of references this article.

Many feel that there is a multidimensional cause behind the sinister agendas afflicting the world (such as the New World Order). But it is possible not just to sense, but to actually know and uncover its root through firsthand experience. And, unless the root is uncovered, its octopus like tentacles will continue to regrow and find new ways to influence the world, even when several have been cut off.

Via: Waking Times originally by Angela Pritchard

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Signs of Change, December 2013

Rivers turning blood-red, whales beaching themselves in Florida, landslides, sinkholes and flooding in southern Italy, severe flooding in Malaysia, extreme storms bring hurricane-force wind and snow to the UK and northern Europe, ice-storms across the US, including the coldest average day than any day last winter, avalanches of ice falling off buildings as far south as Dallas, the coldest ever recorded temperature anywhere on Earth (in Antarctica), a ‘rare winter storm of Biblical proportions’ in Palestine, snow in Egypt, fireballs raining down from the sky, including one overhead explosion in Arizona whose shockwave shook buildings from Chandler to Flagstaff, two separate fireballs over Greece, heavy flooding in Rio de Janeiro washing away whole buildings, giant sinkholes swallowing cars and buildings the world over, including one in China that swallowed an entire hamlet of 11 buildings, hundreds of birds falling from the sky in Virginia, the strongest rainfall on record forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate southern China…

The following video is a sample of strange and extreme weather events that took place around the world in first two weeks of December 2013.

Via: Signs of the Times